Bell Time Records - New Artist News Online Magazine - July 1, 2014 - Featuring: Ultimate Taste Band
Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records
Bell Time Records has a "New Artist News" Online Magazine Coming Out July 1, 2014
Ultimate Taste Band will be our Featured Artist          
Ultimate Taste Band currently has a song "Falling In To You" on the following charts
National Airplay Top 200 Chart  5/24/2014 at # 185
National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart  5/24/2014 at # 32
National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Chart 5/17/2014 at # 28

You Can Download Song Here

Live Video Footage Of Ultimate Taste Band

Michael Bell, Author

New Music Release - June 22, 2013 - Artist: Jelixa
Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records
Jelixa_Im Stepping Out_SingleOnce again the Beta Music artist Jelixa is giving us a taste of her uniqueness and variety. She has a new two song single coming out June 22, 2013, and she hasn't slacked up one bit as to showing us why she is called the "Beta Music" artist.

Jelixa's first song "I'm Stepping Out" is a synth pop dance type tune that speaks of Jelixa's determination to make it in this music industry just like others such as prince, J Lo, and Jay Z. She tells her listeners that she's stepping and not turning back, for she has found that power that keeps driving her forward, and that if you feel her energy, bounce it back with "I get ya - I got ya - got your energy". The hook is very catchy and engaging indeed.

The 2nd song of this new two song release "My Fantasy" is a very touching feel-good rnb/popish type ballad that has the elements to make many stop and think about things they may have dreamed about, desired or hoped for at some time or another. The girl spells it all out as to what her Fantasy's are. No doubt the groove is set, the temple is right and the words are engaging...just enough to make one want to stay and ride through the whole Fantasizing and Fascinating Journey of the song.

What a wide taste of variety this artist has, and has displayed through each of her own songs both on her "My Beta" Music Cd, the Cancer and Christmas song single releases, and surely on the current single "I'm Stepping Out" and "My Fantasy".

Jelixa's up and coming October 2013 Cd release is said to be hot and unique with a few unexpected twisters of songs that will have many scratching their head saying "No she didn't go there"....Oh yes she did! For it is truly a rarity to find a Puerto Rican female artist singing Pop / Funk / Rock / Techno / Rnb / Country and more. With Jelixa there is no boundaries as to what style of music you may find embracing her album releases. Jelixa isn't pop as some suppose....She's a Beta Music artist that's just hot!

From the recording studio to the live stage where performers really get to show their additional unique talents, Jelixa will give her listeners a unique and lasting experience to talk and write about. Her songs are well written with messages not easily to be forgotten, and her vocal has a soothing tone that seems to fit in to whatever genre and styles of music she sings. Jelixa is the real deal and nothing better displays that like her new single release "I'm Stepping Out" and "My Fantasy".

Michael Bell, Author

Hot New Music! Jelixa_Pop/House Artist
Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records

The Rising of Pop Stardom: Jelixa
Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records

To the readers of this article, do you love pop music? Do you love house? Jelixa, the new Pop/House Sensation out of North Richland Hills, Texas, has made her mark with her Hot Debut Single Release: Are You The One For Me. What a Talent to see and a voice to hear….Dance Song that will surely rock anybody's groove!


Jelix Rodriguez, although she goes by her first name "Jelixa", is a twenty nine year old female artist who started off dancing and singing on coffee tables and imitating famous performers from Puerto Rico at the age of two. But at twenty nine she is now doing what some of the young people call “Poppin!” That’s right, she’s Poppin with her new hot track single “Are You The One for Me!” What are the responses she is getting from her listeners? Their loving the track! Their loving the vibe! Their loving Jelixa! People are starting to get a taste of what Jelixa is all about… much more to come!


At four and half years old Jelixa’s father past away, and a year later her mom moved to Texas and took Jelixa and Jelixa’s older brother along with her. But even after the death of Jelixa’s father, she would always dance to the Latin and Motown Music her mother played daily, and Jelixa would once again, as usual, be found dancing and singing to Marc Anthony, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and other artist’s songs.


While attending Watauga Middle School, Jelixa joined the Choir; it was obvious to those who heard and knew her that the love of music was in her! She was chosen by a group of girls from her school to play as “Jazmine” from the Disney Movie Alladdin, and she continued to stay in Choir all through Haltom High School as she competed in singing competitions and won medals.


Once Jelixa graduated from High School she started going to college to Major in Physical Therapy. She later quit school to work at Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart for eight and one halve years so she could help her mother financially, for her mother was very much in need of Jelixa’s help. One unique thing that stands out about Jelixa, is that even while working daily at Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart, music was never far from her mind. So she decided that her favorite show “American Idol” was the place that could help her make her dream come true. She appeared on American Idol and sung a Christina Aguilera song, but unfortunately like many others, she was not chosen. So she decided the next year she would try again, but a tumor was found on her thyroid  and she had to have surgery. Thank God it was not malignant, but an additional fear was brought on by what the doctors had said, “she’s at risk of her vocal being scarred”….all went well.


Again destiny would play its part, but this time for the better. Through Jelixa’s mom, Jelixa met Michael Bell, Music Producer, and CEO of Indie Label Bell Time Records. Michael heard Jelixa sing and spoke to her about producing her as a Pop/House artist….surely Jelixa is now on her way to fulfilling her dreams. For all that she’s gone through, and for the committed love she has shown to her mother over the years, Jelixa is bound to be a start soon to shine!


Jelixa’s desire is that the world will accept and love her music. With your support, her family and Bell Time Records, maybe one day her living room stage will become a real one, and the coffee tables she use to sing on will possibly become a precious memory for her to tell her future children about!   


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